TREVER®|CHROM Chromatographic Resins

TREVER®|CHROM chromatographic resins were developed to achieve operational efficiency in the development, manufacture or extraction of different biomolecules and plant extracts.
TREVER®|CHROM chromatographic resins are manufactured by a very modern process to produce monodisperse beads providing excellent separation performance and resolving power. They are available in three families based on styrenic, acrylates and silica. A wide range of particle and pore sizes are offered as shown in the table below:


Standard non functional and functional normal phase and reverse phase media


TREVER®|CHROM Particle Size Pore size Matrix Functionality
CHR-P 1.7, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100 100, 300, 500, 1000 PS/DVB1

None, SO3H/Na/Ca, N(CH3)3,

N(C2H5)2, COOH

CHR-A 20, 40, 60 300, 500, 1000 Polyacrylate None, SO3H, N(CH3)3, N(C2H5)2, COOH
CHR-S 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 100, 200, 1000 Silica None, C18

1 Crosslinker level may be modified for small beads in carbohydrates analysis and separation


Ordering information

  • To purchase a polystyrene with a bead size of 30 µm, a pore size of 500Å and sulfonated in the Ca-form,
    please order TREVER®|CHROM CHR-P-30/500/SO3/Ca.
  • To purchase a polyacrylate with a bead size of 40 µm, a pore size of 300 Å and being non functional,
    please order TREVER®|CHROM CHR-A-40/300.
  • To purchase a silica with a bead size of 20 µm, a pore size of 300 Å and C18 function,
    please order TREVER®|CHROM CHR-S-20/300/C18.

Treverchrom CHR-P40/300

  • High performance in polar and non polar environments
  • High capacity and yields
  • High selectivity through more theoretical plates than
    conventional polydisperse media
  • Minimised elution volume
  • Low swelling and high pressure stability
  • Excellent chemical stability1
  • Highly stable over a wide range of pH2
  • Long media life
1 for crosslinked polystyrenes
2 for crosslinked polystyrenes and methacrylates




If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us at, our technical product support department will help you to choose the right media for your application