Sugar decolourization

In many countries white sugar for the production of soft drinks is expensive and/or difficult to purchase. On the other hand, slightly coloured sugar generally produced from cane is much less expensive and easier to find. In this case the color has to be removed to meet the required specification. The most economical process is to use specific ion exchange resins to remove these colour bodies.

The figures below are showing two processes to decolourize slightly coloured to medium coloured cane sugar syrups.

In the case of sugar decolourization, the regeneration of the resins is performed with alkaline brine which can subsequently be recovered by nanofiltration.


For sugar syrups with less than 100 ICUMSA, styrenic ion exchange resins can be used such as TREVERLITE IXA310/CL. In case higher colour loads have to be removed, a combination of styrenic and acrylic ion exchange resins, such as TREVERLITE IXA310/CL and TREVERLITE IXA510/CL, is advisable.


Cane sugar decolourization

Process details1: Inlet 100 ICUMSA




Process details1: Inlet 300 ICUMSA2






Recommended Products

TREVER®|LITE IXA310/CL ion exchange resin

TREVER®|LITE IXA510/CL ion exchange resin


1Typical values. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page

2For sugars with higher color loads please consult our technical experts