CHEMRA Services Division

In the services division we are supporting our customers to improve their processes around the functional polymers by providing consultancy, full Laboratory services, process optimization and development, project management.


Process analysis and process optimization

  • Improvement of the regeneration process
    • Increase yield
    • Improve resin life
  • New resin development or modification of the existing resin choice
  • Modification of the process layout
  • Optimization of resin change out


Our goal is to serve our customers with the best products,
optimized processes and to help them realize their ideas
in the most economical way


I - New and spent resin analysis

Analysis of standard resin properties

Capacity, moisture, particle analysis, fouling, breakage

More elaborated analysis

  • ICP, IR, BET and other surface properties, AAS, HPLC, microscopes, chromatographic systems, reactors, distillation columns
  • NMR, GC-MS, electron microscope, FT-IR*1)


*1) subcontracted

II - Finding new solutions to Separation problems

Developing and producing proprietary resins

  • Analysis of the customer process

  • Synthesis of new resins or modification of existing ones

  • Scaling up manufacturing process

  • Production and conditioning of small volumes in our own facilities

  • Process transfer to a toll producer of choice if needed

  • Resin matrix and particles size:
    • styrene/DVB, acrylates, carbons, formophenolics, silicas
    • Particles size from 2 Ám to 2000 Ám*2)

Finding researchers somewhere in the world who can work on our customers problem


*2) 2 µm – 100 µm monodisperse

Process Improvement and Process Development

  • Elaborating the client’s process
  • Defining the optimal resin and process combination
    • At client’s or at CHEMRA’s laboratory
  • Defining process at laboratory scale
  • Scale up process
    • At client by providing pilot plant support
  • Develop front end design together with OEM partner
  • Process transfer to an OEM of choice
  • Start-up support
  • Monitoring of process and resin for optimal change outs

CHEMRA is able to develop complete solutions for
their customers in different applications by defining
the right resin and process combination.

Project Management

  • CHEMRA is able to provide complete packages starting from the
    • Idea, through
    • The exploratory and pilot phase to
    • The design of turn key plants
  • Running the plant by monitoring the process together with our clients on line
  • In house experience for the overall project management
  • Close link to leading engineering firms


For more information about CHEMRA services, please contact us.