Hydration and Dehydration

Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and secondary butyl alcohol (SBA)

Dehydration of isobutylene and hydration of t-butyl alcohol can be carried out through gel-type catalysts. Direct hydration is applied to produce iso-propanol (IPA) from propylene or sec. butyl alcohol (SBA) from butylene. IPA is widely used as a solvent for chemical processes, inks, in cosmetics, and for surface coatings. SBA is mainly produced for the production of methyl ethyl ketone, which is used in printing inks, adhesives and resinous materials.

Iso-propanol alcohol (IPA)
Secondary butyl alcohol (SBA)
Reaction of propylene and butylene with water in the presence of a polymeric catalyst with enhanced thermal stability.

Recommended TREVERLYST catalysts for hydration reaction:

Trademark Remarks
TREVERLYST CAT200 Gel-type, micro- and mesoporous.
TREVERLYST CAT250 Gel-type. Low crosslinking for fast kinetics. Very good activity and selectivity.
TREVERLYST CAT410/CB Macroporous. Thermal stability up to 160°C in the presence of water.