Dimerization and Polymerization


Some years ago, MTBE was banned as fuel additive in some countries. As a replacement isooctane or ETBE were suggested. IO is catalysed effectively through TREVERLYST CAT360 by dimerisation of isobutylene.

Catalysis of isooctane
Catalysis of isooctane

A new upcoming fuel or fuel additive is dimethylether which is regarded as a clean fuel. Dimethylether can be produced by an improved thermally stable resin catalyst such as TREVERLYST CAT410. This ion exchange resin is stable up to 190°C.

DME is formed through the dimerisation of methanol. The selectivity to DME can be in the range of 99%.

catalysis of DME
Catalysis of DME

Recommended TREVERLYST catalysts for dimerization and polymerization:

Trademark Remarks
TREVERLYST CAT360 Porous catalyst with thermal stability up to 130°C
TREVERLYST CAT400 Porous catalyst with thermal stability up to 150°C