The major alkylation carried out with resin catalysts is the alkylation of phenol at moderate temperatures below 190°C.

Phenol alkylates are widely used in lubricants, as fuel additives, antioxidants and non ionic surfactants. The temperature is in the range of 85-130°C.

Resin catalyst can be used for the production of alkyl glucosides. In this case a C2-C12 alcohol can be used. As a side reaction acetone and oligoglucosides are formed.

Reaction of olefin with phenol
Reaction of a C4-C24 olefin with phenol

Recommended TREVERLYST catalysts for alkylation reaction:

Trademark Remarks
TREVERLYST CAT350/DRY Macroporous. Very good activity and selectivity.
TREVERLYST CAT351/DRY Macroporous. Very high activity and selectivity.
TREVERLYST CAT360/DRY Macroporous. Improved thermal stability.
TREVERLYST CAT410 Macroporous. Thermal stability up to 190°C.