Expert and Innovative Biodiesel Solutions


Energy demands expect to double by 2030. Making fuel and chemicals from natural sources seems to be the only way besides saving energy to close the gap between supply and demand while addressing the needs regarding climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

Chemra's expertise and innovative solutions will support their customers to play a vital role in this dynamic market. CHEMRA is marketing specialty ion exchange resins, polymeric enzyme carriers and catalysts to improve the biodiesel process. The benefits of biodiesel are evident:
  • nearly closed CO2 loop,
  • minimum greenhouse gas emissions,
  • sulphur-free and non-toxic,
  • safest diesel fuel to store and handle (i.e. flashpoint biodiesel at 150°C is higher than petrol diesel at 70°C),
  • biodegradable,

but nevertheless, biodiesel has to be competitive to conventional fuel from mineral oil.

Most countries in the world are urged to increase the market share of biodiesel in the transport fuel market of up to 10%. While the quality of raw material is changing most producers are facing raising prices for their feed stocks. More and more producers are forced to use oils and fats with an increasing amount of free fatty acids (FFAs) while their plants had been built for clean vegetable oils with low FFA numbers.