Special features of CHEMRA services in the biodiesel process:

Based on Chemra’s contacts with some of the most experienced consultants in this field CHEMRA can connect you to the right person or company, who are dealing with biodiesel for many years. Their services are:

  • Solutions for various feedstocks including high FFA feedstocks
  • Fully automated esterification process (with sulfuric acid, catalytic or enzymatic)
  • Fully automatic and continuous transesterification process
  • Na/K-Methylate as catalyst or alternatives
  • Operation at atmospheric pressure and low temperature
  • Low catalyst consumption
  • Highly efficient process with highest yield
  • Environmentally friendly process with low or no water consumption
  • High quality biodiesel
  • No centrifuges needed
  • Easy operation
  • Lowest operating and maintenance cost
  • Modular systems which can operate stand alone or in a network allowing the highest output are also available
  • Online monitoring through a dedicated service team is possible

CHEMRA services through contract partners:

CHEMRA has been supporting their clients for many years in finding the most economical solution.

  • Plant and process optimization

  • Basic engineering

  • Detailed engineering

  • Procurement and supply

  • Construction and construction supervision

  • Commissioning and start-up

  • Plant lifecycle partnership