Fractal fluid distribution technology

CHEMRA introduces the fractal technology into the beverages market.

Fractals, well known in the sweeteners industry for chromatographic separations, allow the usage of flat dished columns, a minimal mixing of the different solutions is the consequence.

With this technology, an optimal distribution of the liquid (juice, water, eluent or regenerant) is ensured by providing multiple outlets over the distribution plate which all have the same liquid flow. For the first time ever, a real plug flow of the liquids can be achieved in juice processing.

In extraction processes, the highest concentration of the valuable substances can be achieved with this novel fractal technology.

The advantages of the fractal systems are:

  • Perfect plug flow
  • Best separation of liquids
  • Lowest product loss
  • Lowest regenerant usage
  • Highest efficiency
  • Lowest waste
  • Lowest energy
  • Smallest footprint
Fractal distribution principle
Fractal distribution pricnciple1

Fractal distribution
Iterations in a distribution plate - Engineered fractal for fluid distribution and collection in a cylindrical column

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