Beverage Processing

The beverages industry is a dynamic, global industry with an increasing demand for high quality products.

Besides stabilizing or decolourizing juices, natural colours, flavours and polyphenols can be recovered from all kind of fruits or plant extracts.

CHEMRA is marketing a variety of adsorbents, ion exchange resins and chromatographic resins in these markets. Paired with a novel, high performing separation technology to meet the demand for safe and optimal food processing, CHEMRA is increasing the production yield by reducing the environmental impact of the process at the same time.

The major applications of these adsorbents, ion exchangers and chromatographic resins in clear and cloudy juices or plant extracts are:


1Pulp content 0.5-1% max. in single strength juice treatment. Can also be used in combination with membrane processes
2e.g. pomegranate